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M.E. Publishing, is a new venture of telling a spectrum of original stories ranging in content for all age demographics.  We write to prove the power of character as the driving influence and essence both within the pages and in our every-day world; bringing together a team of diverse, driven professionals to see through each publication in order to bring a strong sense of value to our audiences and aim to provide a professional imprint for self-published authors.

MEREALM is the trademark brand of M.E. Publishing combining self-empowerment and community. Through the MEREALM Shop we collaborate with artists and manufacturers to supply our store and advertise their services to showcase to our customers.

M.E. Copywriting aims to bring your brand to the forefront and consulting for creative visions.  Powerful concept equals results.



Maurizio Lippiello 



M. E. Publishing Authors


M.E. Lettieri  - Author Bio

Wake The Wolf  (2022)

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