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Welcome to M.E. Publishing

Welcome to the M.E. Publishing blog!

Here you will find news on updates for all exclusive offers, author and administrator blogs, reviews, social media posts and information on all upcoming projects and products found in the MErealm Shop.

What is M.E. Publishing about?

We publish and promote the strength of character and storytelling that spans throughout all genres and age demographics of publication.

M.E. Publishing’s goal is to provide a professional imprint for self-published authors free to tell their story.

Use the “contact” tab for inquiries about collaboration.

For inquiries about Copywriting services click the “copywriting” tab in the header and send us an email if you are looking for

assistance on copy for your own personal brand. Please read all Terms & Conditions that apply.

What is MEREALM?

MEREALM is the trademark brand under the M.E. Publishing imprint that promotes SELF-EMPOWERMENT and COMMUNITY.

We aim to build and establish a community under this brand with an extensive email list and partnerships with artists and manufacturers to supply our store with unique style and expressive individuality under the MEREALM brand.

"Create your story through your craft and make it fly."

Artists and Manufacturers contact for interest in collaboration

Sign up to be a part of the MEREALM Community today and stay connected for all releases.

What’s to come on this site:

Writings: M.E. Publishing will release works in the forms of Children’s/YA Books, Novels and stories for mature audiences, and Comics.

Merchandise: art commissioned from professional artists, clothing and consumer goods from partnering manufacturers, and NFT collectibles.

All Rights Reserved on all images and Merealm merchandise.

Thank you for being a part of this community! #merealm


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